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Six Sigma is a data-driven improvement philosophy that views all activities within an organization as processes whose inputs can be controlled to effect significant improvements in process outputs. Six Sigma uses a rigorous and systematic methodology known as DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) and a number of qualitative and quantitative tools for driving process, product, and service improvements aimed at reducing defects and variation. Companies across various industries are striving to become faster and more responsive to customers, achieve near perfect quality, and operate using world-class cost structures.

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Organization Wide Planning and Deployment

  • Introduction
  • Wide Planning And Deployment-Part1
  • Wide Planning And Deployment-Part2
  • Wide Planning And Deployment-Part3


  • Leadership-Part1
  • Leadership-Part2

Organizational Process Measures and Management

  • Organizational Process Measures And Management-Part2
  • Organizational Process Measures And Management-Part1

Team Management

  • Team Management-Part1
  • Team Management-Part2
  • Team Management-Part3
  • Team Management-Part4

Define Phase Overview of the Define Phase and the Voice of the Customer

  • Overview Of The Define Phase And The Voice Of The Customer-Part1
  • Overview Of The Define Phase And The Voice Of The Customer-Part2
  • Overview Of The Define Phase And The Voice Of The Customer-Part3

Define Phase Business Case and Project Charter

  • Business Case And Project Charter-Part1
  • Business Case And Project Charter-Part2

Define Phase Analytical Tools

  • Analytical Tools

Measure Phase Process Analysis and Documentation

  • Process Analysis And Documentation-Part1
  • Process Analysis And Documentation-Part2
  • Process Analysis And Documentation-Part3

Measure Phase Data Collection

  • Data Collection

Measure Phase Measurement Systems

  • Measurement Systems-Part1
  • Measurement Systems-Part2

Measure Phase Basic Statistics

  • Basic Statistics-Part1
  • Basic Statistics-Part2

Measure Phase Probability

  • Probability

Measure Phase Process Capability

  • Process Capability

Analyze Phase Measuring and Moduleeling Relationships

  • Measuring And Modeling Relationships

Analyze Phase Hypothesis Testing

  • Hypothesis Testing

Analyze Phase FEMA and Additional Analysis Methods

  • FEMA And Additional Analysis Methods-Part1
  • FEMA And Additional Analysis Methods-Part2
  • FEMA And Additional Analysis Methods-Part3
  • FEMA And Additional Analysis Methods-Part4

Improve Phase Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Design Of Experiments-Part1
  • Design Of Experiments-Part2

Improve Phase Lean Method

  • Lean Method-Part1
  • Lean Method-Part2
  • Lean Method-Part3

Improve Phase Implementation

  • Implementation

Control Phase Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Statistical Process Control

Control Phase Other Controls

  • Other Controls

Control Phase Maintain Controls and Sustain Improvements

  • Maintain Controls And Sustain Improvements


  • DFSS

Exam Review Prep and Key Concepts

  • Prep And Key Concepts-Part1
  • Prep And Key Concepts-Part2
  • Prep And Key Concepts-Part3
  • Prep And Key Concepts-Part4
  • Prep And Key Concepts-Part5
  • Conclusion