IT Certification Training

IT Certification Training

IT Certification Training is the process by which a technology vendor grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined qualifications. Certification can be used for entry into practice, validation of competence, recognition of excellence, and/or for regulation. Certification validates an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in a defined role and area of practice, based on predetermined standards.

Areas of Certification

Boot Camps

These are intensive custom classes created by TechSherpas to be specifically geared towards giving you the knowledge and skills to pass your exams and become certified. These boot camps have extended class hours and range from 6 – 14 days. Exams are taken throughout, so students complete the program with a certification.

Certification Bundles

This training solution bundles the individual courses that prepare you for each certification together – giving you access to training and exams at dramatically reduced pricing. This is a better option for students looking to spread their training out over a period of time.