17 August, 2018

Overview: Microsoft Office 365 Services and Applications (Part 2)

 Cloud Technology, Microsoft

This is the second part of our overview of the different plans for Microsoft Office 365 and the Office 365 applications and services that are included in those plans. Our emphasis this time is on the Office 365 services, which focus on collaboration, organization and communication among different users (e.g. team members), especially for business […]

10 August, 2018

The Microsoft Office 365 Applications and Services – an Overview (Part 1)

 Microsoft, Office Word, Training & Education

In last week’s post, we have already given you a first overview of the various Microsoft Office 365 plans and the Office 365 applications and services that are included in those plans. Below you will find a few more details about the use and the benefits of the different applications and services, so you can […]

3 August, 2018

Which of the Microsoft Office 365 Plans Is Right For Me?

 Microsoft, Office Word, SharePoint, Training & Education

To decide, which of the available Microsoft Office 365 Plans is the right one for your requirements, let us go through the various selection criteria to point you into the right direction. Microsoft Office 365 Plans for Home and Business First of all, there is the option for home use: Office 365 Home Office 365 […]

26 July, 2018

IT Learning Solutions with TechSherpas – an Overview

 IT Certifications, Training & Education

A real IT expert needs constant learning and upkeep – we at TechSherpas offer you a set of different IT learning solutions that fit your organizational needs: In-Classroom or Virtual IT Learning Solutions You can participate in certification training and other IT classes either on campus or virtually from your own computer at home or […]

18 July, 2018

Microsoft Azure Certification Training Courses with TechSherpas

 IT Certifications, Microsoft, Training & Education

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud computing services. IT experts have the option to obtain a Microsoft Azure Certification – or several – for example to boost their professional credentials as well as their careers. Microsoft Azure Certification – An Overview of the Options The following is an overview of the currently issued Microsoft […]

12 July, 2018

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

 Microsoft, software assurance, Training & Education, Uncategorized

Microsoft Training Vouchers (or “Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers”/SATVs) are a great help to limit the costs of professional IT training for Microsoft products. The purchase of software – especially in large volumes – means a financial investment for a company or organization. The Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers are one way to enhance the […]

5 July, 2018

PMP Certification – Become a Certified Project Management Professional

 Project Management, Training & Education, Virtual Training

The Product Management Professional certification (in short: PMP certification) is a credential issued by the Project Management Institute (“PMI”). According to PMI, this certification is intended for professionals who: perform the duties of a project manager (under general supervision) and are “responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project” “lead […]

27 June, 2018

MCSA Certification – How to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

 IT Certifications, MCSA, Microsoft

Microsoft’s MCSA Certification is a stepping-stone for IT professionals to obtain their MCSE Certification. This is a part of the certification program for Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). A certification as MCSA also provides you with the necessary core skills that qualifies you for entry-level positions as an IT professional/developer. While MCSE stands for “Microsoft Certified […]

20 June, 2018

All about the MCSE Certification

 IT Certifications, MCSE, Microsoft, Training & Education

Among IT professionals, “MCSE Certification” has certainly become a buzzword with a certain ring to it. But what is the MCSE Certification? How do you achieve it, and what are your career options once you are certified? Let us look into that a bit more closely! First of all: What does “MCSE Certification” actually mean? […]

15 June, 2018

The Rise of Learning-as-a-Service

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications, Training & Education

TechSherpas is excited to announce we will be launching our new Learning-as-a-Service Platform in June of 2018. This platform is designed to enhance the traditional classroom learning experience by providing users with access to Microsoft-produced On-Demand content, award-winning e-books and reinforcement articles, and live access to a technology expert Mentor. This robust and versatile platform […]

6 June, 2018

Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

 Cloud Technology, Microsoft, Training & Education

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud computing services in the Microsoft Cloud. It groups Azure services as well as third-party applications. About Cloud Computing Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important topic, for regular computer users as well as IT professionals. One of the most common and familiar uses of a cloud is online […]

30 May, 2018

IT Certification Boot Camp Courses by TechSherpas

 IT Certifications, Training & Education

Boot camp certification courses are an efficient and relatively quick way to advance your IT skill set, credentials, and therefore your IT career. When you are already a part of the full-time workforce, it is not easy to find the time for to further your education. This can be a problem, because further education and […]