Citrix Xen training

16 October, 2017

Citrix Xen is Zen for IT Administrators

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

If your company is looking for a complete desktop solution and virtual app to provide employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, then Citrix Xen training is the answer. Citrix Xen Training Will Make Your Company Limitless How It Helps Your Company Stay Mobile And Safe Citrix Xen is a server virtualization platform based on […]

advancements in technology

9 October, 2017

What Will the IT Industry Look Like in 20 Years?

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Twenty years ago, the internet was not widely used, mobile phones were as big as walkie-talkies and no one had ever heard of e-commerce. In that amount of time, people have managed to change the world drastically. If you’re missing a loved one, you can call them anytime through your mobile phone. There’s no need […]

career in technology

2 October, 2017

Great Career Sites to Find Your Perfect Job

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Finding a job in modern times is usually done through the internet- especially if you’re looking for a career in technology.  If you’re wondering where the right place to look is, these sites are a great resource for finding a career. Check These Sites to Pursue a Career in Technology Check out these great career […]

IT career building

25 September, 2017

Tech Industry Terms You’ll Want to Know


Ever been in a room with people more advanced in your career than you?  Does it feel like they are speaking a different language?  In the IT industry, there are certain terms which are commonly used that most people, especially newbies to the career path, don’t know. IT Career Building Starts with Knowing This Lingo […]

learn technical skills

18 September, 2017

Tech Positions You’ll Want To Aspire To

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

If you want to learn technical skills, you already have opened the door to a successful career in a thriving job market.  In fact, there are so many great opportunities, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what you want to do.  Here are some of the best jobs available in today’s tech job market. These Jobs Are […]

tech training with techsherpas

11 September, 2017

Reasons to Continue Your Tech Training with TechSherpas

 Featured Training Course, IT Certifications

Being trained on a basic level in technology may help you launch a great career, but it won’t take you the distance.  In order to create longevity and pursue a lifelong career, you need lifelong training opportunities. Tech Training with TechSherpas Provides Constant Improvement Opportunities Here are a few reasons why you should work with […]

company IT training

4 September, 2017

Creating a Corporate Skills Development Strategy

 Careers in IT, Featured Training Course

In a corporate work environment, you want to make sure your employees have every opportunity for advancement within your company.  In order to provide this, you need more than just a solid career track. You need to provide or seek out opportunities for your workforce to enhance their skills. Learn Career Skills with Company IT […]

microsoft certified professionals

21 August, 2017

Latest Microsoft Updates for September 2017

 IT Certifications, MCSE

If you have Microsoft products you will quickly see that regular updates are available to move your system along. This September, there are some major updates and service packs available through Windows Update.  Here is what you should look out for, especially if you are a Microsoft Certified Professional. Microsoft Certified Professional Employees Should Watch […]

remote learning for IT certifications

14 August, 2017

People Who Choose Remote Learning

 IT Certifications, Training & Education

Remote learning is a vehicle that has been made possible by utilizing online communication to provide an education.  At TechSherpas, we are excited about all of the possibilities we offer with remote learning for IT certifications.  This offers our students the opportunity to learn on their own schedule, and achieve incredible results from any location.  If […]

new technology releases

7 August, 2017

Best New Tech Releases of 2017 (So Far)

 Technology, Uncategorized

Since we are at the age where most innovations are related to our smartphones, there is a significant decrease of head turning hardware that people can really relate to. Now, iteration is a lot easier than innovation. However, just because there are few, it doesn’t mean that they are not interesting and helpful for the […]

cloud technology

31 July, 2017

How Cloud Storage Has Changed Technology

 Cloud Technology, IT Security

The concept of the cloud technology has been well-loved since it was first introduced, but very few truly understand what it is and the power it has to influence our daily lives. Basically, the cloud is responsible for any process that you don’t do or store on your own computer. If you’re accessing some remote […]

microsoft certification boot camp

24 July, 2017

Microsoft Certification Boot Camps with Tech Sherpas

 IT Certifications, Microsoft

If you’re looking for an intense, dedicated program that can help you advance your career sooner rather than later, our Microsoft Certification Boot Camps may be exactly what you need.  When you want to focus strictly on learning and achieve your final goal, these boot camps can get you there. Microsoft Certification Boot Camp for […]