cybersecurity tips

9 April, 2018

Safety and Security Measures You Should Follow

 Hacking, IT Security

Security is important, especially with computers, internet, and personal information.  Here’s a few cybersecurity tips to keep yourself safe. Follow These Cybersecurity Tips for Safe Computer Access Make use of passwords and PINs Your passwords and PINs are an imperative line of defense, not only for your devices, but especially for your online “existence” – […]

cybersecurity degree

2 April, 2018

Obtaining a Degree in Cybersecurity

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

So you are interested in computers and information technology, maybe you even have been working in an IT job for a while. One way or the other, sooner or later you will encounter the subject of “Cyber Security” (or rather “cybersecurity”). That can be considered a rather natural progression because once you start creating, storing […]

Microsoft Certification

27 March, 2018

Take a few simple steps to earn an MCSA/MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Microsoft Certifications

 Cloud Technology, IT Certifications, MCSE, Microsoft, Training & Education, Windows Server

Certified IT professionals, now more than ever, are being sought out by corporations to ensure they get qualified individuals to run their organizations more efficiently. The streamlined Microsoft Certifications were created with job roles in mind. Depending on the role an IT professional will have, there are certification pathways in place to get them the […]

security Training for IT professionals

5 March, 2018

The Difference between Cybersecurity, Information Security and Computer Security

 IT Security, Technology

First things first: cybersecurity and IT security (information security) are not precisely the same thing, even though many people tend to use these terms interchangeably – which is understandable, because they are very closely related. In general, they both refer to the world of computers, computer networks and the information that is stored and processed […]

microsoft Training one note

26 February, 2018

Collaboration Via OneNote

 Cloud Technology, Project Management

Microsoft OneNote is much more than just a convenient note-taking app – especially once you know how to get the best use out of it. Collaboration is Made Possible with One Note Therefore, this is a short overview of the various things you can do within Microsoft OneNote, and how to put them to good […]

what is Microsoft R

19 February, 2018

What is Microsoft R and What Does it Do?

 Careers in IT, Featured Training Course

If you are not familiar with programming and programming languages, the mention of “Microsoft R” might not mean that much to you.  So, what is Microsoft R? For those interested in the subjects of statistical computing, data science, and analytics, the “Microsoft R Client” combines two well-known and very well-established components. What Is Microsoft R […]

compTIA certifications

12 February, 2018

The Value of CompTia Training

 CompTIA, IT Certifications

Not all IT certifications are created equal. Anyone who teaches anything can theoretically issue a certificate when their students have successfully attended whichever course had been created. Therefore, the worth of a certificate depends at least partially on the reputation and credentials of the person/organization/entity that has issued it. CompTIA Certifications Can Bring You Further […]

career in the information technology field

5 February, 2018

Blogs to Follow if You’re Tech Career Bound

 IT Certifications, Technology

So you are interested in a career in the technology field – that’s great! Since technology is a quickly changing area, it is important to not only be informed but to STAY informed in order to keep up with the latest developments. Headed for a Career in the Technology Field?  Read These Blogs! Technology blogs […]

remote IT certification training

22 January, 2018

How Remote Learning Can Change Your Life

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Be it a college course, the learning of a foreign language or software coding – you can learn a multitude of things remotely, i.e. via the internet. There is hardly a subject on which you cannot find information and instruction, be it in the formal setting of a university online platform, tutorials and “how-tos” on […]

jobs in information technology

15 January, 2018

Upcoming Job Fairs in Tampa, Florida

 Careers in IT, Training & Education

Job hunting is not a joke. You invest so much of your time, effort and money — sometimes for jobs you don’t even like. There must be days when you wonder what else you could do to get ahead and lock down jobs in information technology. Jobs in Information Technology Could Be Found at These Job Fairs […]

microsoft education training

8 January, 2018

A Brief History on Microsoft

 IT Certifications, Microsoft

With almost three decades worth of history, Microsoft still stands as one of the biggest tech companies in the world. In 1990, the same year the Hubble telescope was launched, Microsoft Office was officially introduced to the public. Since then, it has made so many contributions to the global population.  That’s why a Microsoft education […]

IT education

1 January, 2018

Web Trends: Looking Back at 2017

 Careers in IT, Technology

The world of technology is ever-changing, and 2017 was no exception. The trends that govern a successful online strategy five years ago could be obsolete now.  If you’re a tech-savvy IT education seeker or someone who manages your company’s online presence, you want to be aware of these changes and trends.  Online marketing is one of […]