microsoft certification boot camp

24 July, 2017

Microsoft Certification Boot Camps with Tech Sherpas

 IT Certifications, Microsoft

If you’re looking for an intense, dedicated program that can help you advance your career sooner rather than later, our Microsoft Certification Boot Camps may be exactly what you need.  When you want to focus strictly on learning and achieve your final goal, these boot camps can get you there. Microsoft Certification Boot Camp for […]

home study certificate programs

17 July, 2017

The Top Home Certification Programs for a Successful Career

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

For all those who are a part of the labor force, you must be wondering how you can improve your career. You may want to pursue a different career entirely, one that’s more fitting to your talents or lifestyle, or you’re just looking to get promoted to a job that gives you more financial security. Regardless, […]

remote learning IT

10 July, 2017

TechSherpas Training is Done at Your Convenience!

 Cloud Technology, IT Certifications

At TechSherpas, we want to make sure that your training enhances your lifestyle, not inhibits it.  In order to accomplish this, we offer a variety of remote learning IT products and methods to make your technical education easy.   Remote Learning IT Options for the Busy Student Virtual Live Training This remote training program is […]

get IT certified

3 July, 2017

Why We Recommend Norton Software

 IT Certifications, IT Security

Since we are constantly online, our laptop and desktops are always exposed to the possibility of getting a virus. That’s why there’s a need to set up a software that’s guaranteed to spot that and stop it from infecting our files or, worse, divulging private information. You have to protect your computer from the possibility […]

tech career opportunities

26 June, 2017

Highest Paid Tech Jobs in the U.S.

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

In a world where everything requires tech, from videogames to stocks, everyone expects a tech career to be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. After all, they are able to handle almost every aspect of business. That includes operations – by making a programs that coordinates everything to run smooths, marketing – […]

IT Career

19 June, 2017

Networking Tips for the IT Professional

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Networking is an important part of being in any career but can open up unlimited doors in the tech industry job market.  Networking can be daunting for someone not familiar with it, no matter how advanced they are in their career.  Regardless of why you’re looking for new connections, there are effective ways to approach […]

careers in information technology

12 June, 2017

IT Careers of The Future

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

With every business graduating to technological processes, it’s safe to assume that IT careers are the future. Even those who specialize in non-IT fields, like business and communication, are expected to have at least a bit of IT background to constantly engage the high-tech world. As careers in Information Technology continue to overtake the job […]

technology news

5 June, 2017

The New Surface Pro: 5th Generation

 Microsoft, Technology

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been a hit since its first release. You will find that, like the generations prior this release, this new launch will have the same core concept and functions as its predecessors. Why mess with a good thing, right? Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Generation Has A Lot Going on Beneath the Surface […]

project management certification online

29 May, 2017

What a Project Management Certification Can Do For Your Career

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

A Project Management Certification is one of the many credentials that you can accumulate to qualify for a management. The Project Management Certification online program is sought out by many American businesses and even global companies. The reason for this is that a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification validates the education, skills and professional experience […]

itil certification training

22 May, 2017

A Brief Overview of ITIL Certification Training

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Every company requires IT systems, such as corporate websites or a centralized corporate email to help it run. None of those functions – which are all integral for the company to deliver what customers expect – will work properly without proper IT services, like server and network administration. ITIL (which is an acronym for Information […]

advantages of it certification

15 May, 2017

The Value of IT Certification

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Information Technology has integrated itself over time into every aspect of business.  Those with IT certifications are more sought out than ever before, and companies are hiring free agencies as well as in-house employees. Before proceeding, it’s best to clarify first what an IT based certification is. This has been a long practice employed by […]

citrix certification

8 May, 2017

What Your Citrix Certification Can Do For You

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

Being Citrix Certified is a goal for any person working in the information technology field, be they an administrator or engineer. Citrix, on its own, is an innovator in the field of IT, known for its early contribution to Microsoft in the 90s. The company has continued to grow and become one of the biggest […]