27 November, 2018

Information Security Measures for Remote Employees

 Cloud Technology, Technology

When it comes to the option for professionals to work from home via the internet, the current possibilities are better than ever before. These new possibilities also bring new challenges and one of them is the of information security. This is especially the case when comes to sensitive data and employees who are working remotely/off-site […]

20 November, 2018

What is the Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

 Cloud Technology, Microsoft, Training & Education

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory (in short: “Azure AD”) is a cloud-based service by Microsoft. It is used for the management of identities and respective access rights. These access rights can apply to: a corporate network/intranet and proprietary applications that are cloud-based external services/applications by Microsoft like the Azure portal as such and Microsoft Office […]

12 November, 2018

Your Career Chances with an MCSA Certification

 Careers in IT, Cloud Technology, IT Certifications, MCSA

Cloud computing has become an integral part of today’s corporate/business world. Therefore, these businesses need qualified staff that can implement and work with cloud computing technology. As one of the major providers of cloud technology products, Microsoft offers the MCSA certification as well as a set of other certifications that serve as credentials for expertise […]

2 November, 2018

Work From Home Jobs for IT Professionals

 Careers in IT, Cloud Technology, IT Certifications, Technology

Qualified work from home jobs (or telecommuting/remote jobs) are not that unusual anymore. Instead, the demand for the option to work remotely has become a trend. Modern technology, especially computer, cloud computing and the internet with high-speed connectivity, make that possible. Since information technology provides the means for remote working, the question of whether it […]

29 October, 2018

Land Your Dream Job in IT: Certification vs. Work Experience

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications, Training & Education

You have set your sight on a career in Information Technology (IT), and now you want to land your dream job. As with most dream jobs, you are going to have to meet certain minimum requirements to help you succeed in your search for a position. Many jobs require a specific college education. While there […]

22 October, 2018

Switching Careers? How to Become an IT Professional

 Careers in IT, IT Certifications

In case you are wondering: Switching careers, even at a later point in life, is not that unusual anymore. One reason for that is probably the fact that due to modern technologies, further education and training is far more readily available and accessible than it used to be. Computer and information technology (IT) can be […]

13 October, 2018

The Benefits of Investing in Employee Training

 Training & Education

It is nothing new that the right employees are a key factor for the success of a business. Recruiting the right talent and building a successful team can be a long and expensive challenge. As an employer, you want your staff to be skilled, motivated and productive. One good strategy to achieve this is to […]

5 October, 2018

Great System Administrator Certifications to Boost Your Career

 Careers in IT, CompTIA, IT Certifications, MCSE, Training & Education

System Administrator Certifications More and more businesses and organizations depend on complex IT systems for their daily communications and workflow; therefore, professionals who hold a System Administrator Certification know how to manage and maintain these systems are in high demand. This demand is not likely to change any time soon. In order to keep up with […]

1 October, 2018

The Best Cybersecurity and Information Security Certifications

 Careers in IT, CompTIA, Hacking, IT Certifications, IT Security, Training & Education

Let’s begin with “Information Security” and “Cybersecurity”.  There are two expressions that people often use somewhat interchangeably. They are not quite the same though, as we have already explained in one or our previous blog posts. In any case, both have – naturally – the security aspect in common. This means, that if you are […]

20 September, 2018

What Are The Best Project Management Certifications?

 CompTIA, IT Certifications, Project, Project Management, Training & Education

As one of the largest providers for project management certification training, TechSherpas offers a variety of training courses to become a professionally certified project manager. A project management certification can be a great addition to your CV and can polish your credentials as an information technology professional. But what kind of certifications for project management […]

14 September, 2018

How Can a Microsoft Azure Certification Boost Your Career?

 IT Certifications, MCSA, MCSE, Microsoft, Training & Education

More and more businesses are using cloud-computing technology. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for people that possess the required skills better known as a Microsoft Azure Certification. One reason this technology has become popular is its ability to help saving on company investment of server space. Another reason for its popularity is because employees […]

7 September, 2018

The Microsoft Certification Paths and the Microsoft Certification Map

 IT Certifications, MCSA, MCSE, Microsoft

In our last blog post we discussed two Microsoft certifications – MCSA and MCSE – as entry-level and mid-level IT certifications to boost your career as an IT professional. Today we would like to take a closer look at the six Microsoft certification paths for the certifications of MCSA, MCSE and MCSD: the Microsoft Certification […]