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TechSherpas’ IT consulting, outsourcing, and staffing services ensure that our
clients focus on, and achieve, the maximum value from their investment in IT.

  1. IT Consulting
    At TechSherpas, we understand the IT industry, and know how to assess a client’s needs, qualify potential candidates and deliver the right solution. We know that an excellent consultant is more than what appears on the resume or the job requirement. It’s what works for your culture and your team.

  2. IT Outsourcing
    TechSherpas also offers Subscription based IT outsourcing services allowing customers to pay per devise, per month for each desktop and/or server. TechSherpas manages the devices via remote virtual environment and maintains services from its data center.

  3. IT Staffing
    TechSherpas understands that from time to time our clients may experience a shortage of internal resources. A change in business conditions, resource plans or resignation of a key employee may put completion of key deliverables at risk. By outsourcing certain functions or IT skills, we can help you meet your strategic objectives and plans with little or no impact to your budget and operations.

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