Courses Offered In


Model of Learning

TechSherpas provides a model for instruction enabling students to become more proficient in the use of their computer software packages. Employers benefit from this proficiency in the forms of higher productivity, reduced computer downtime, as well as the possible ancillary effects of increased morale and decreased turnover.

Post Training Support

To help students recall information learned during class, TechSherpas offers several post-training support services. First, learners can repeat any class for up to one year. Second, students can receive e-mail support 24 hours a day at no additional charge for up to one year. Third, they keep the manual they used in class, which contains tips, tricks, and shortcuts, quick-reference sections, and all of the student's hand written notes.

Ongoing Training and Development

TechSherpas encourages and supports the growth and education of each of its instructors. This ongoing training and development allows TechSherpas instructors to stay informed of recent trends in the Information Technology industry and in business. This provides our customers with instructors who are not only knowledgeable in computer training, but are cognizant of its application outside the classroom.


Understanding the need and art of motivating the student, provides TechSherpas instructors with a foundation to deliver engaging instruction. Specifically, TechSherpas instructors are given the freedom to tailor their lessons to the requirements of their students, providing a unique experience for students who attend our classes.

Learning Objectives

TechSherpas instructors are prepared with the knowledge needed to develop and employ learning objectives. These objectives are simple statements which provide the direction and the purpose of exercises, forming the foundation for an instructionally sound learning experience at TechSherpas.

Learning Styles and Characteristics

TechSherpas understands that people learn in substantially different ways. For example, some learners process information most efficiently by reading and listening, while other learners process information most efficiently by experimenting. Recognizing the broad categories of learners enables the TechSherpas instructors to deliver lessons using strategies directed at the different types of learning styles. Similarly, assessing factors such as computer proficiency, software experience, and job titles can dramatically improve the relevance and value of subsequent instruction.

Tell-Teach-Tell Methodology

The TechSherpas “Tell-Teach-Tell” method provides the foundation for delivering any lesson used in a TechSherpas class. This technique entails first providing students with an overview/preview of the material, delivering the lesson, then summarizing the concepts or skills learned. This simple method provides tremendous focus and organization to a TechSherpas lesson.