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TechSherpas' Partnership Program marries partnership development and strategic alliance. This innovative approach enhances public relations activities between pre-existing alliances, in addition to establishing new relationships that lead to significant business development opportunities.

Partnership Development Process

Research & Audit

Our partnership audits are conducted with each and every potential alliance partner to determine whether current alliances can be leveraged for greater marketing and/or business efforts. Once audit results are analyzed, strategies such as co-branding and seminars are recommended to maximize the partnership. Simultaneously, our audits reveal ideal alliances, including detailed rationales for each pairing.

After completing an audit, TechSherpas conducts more research and performs due diligence on a potential organization to ensure it qualifies as an equal partner and an excellent match for our services. We then facilitate and oversee the partnership, beginning with initial contact and concluding with a signed contract.

Management and Maintenance

Effectively maintaining a partnership is as important as developing it. After the partnership is created, TechSherpas manages and cultivates it. We then recommend additional business, marketing and public relations opportunities, making sure that both parties benefit equally.

Partnership Promotion

After the partnership is fully developed, TechSherpas builds visibility and awareness for the alliance via a host of initiatives, such as press releases, articles, events, co-speaking opportunities and more.

Corporations understand the intrinsic value in partnering with other like-minded organizations, yet finding the perfect partner with compatible business goals can be a daunting task. Whether it is maximizing the benefits of a pre-existing partnership or developing an entirely new business alliance, TechSherpas identifies and creates opportunities that have a positive impact on the bottom line.